Sunday, January 20, 2019

Time is relative

totally listening

Time is relative, some days feel quicker than others. In fact, some seasons feel quicker than others. As I move ahead with the year, parts of my brain are still remembering things that I no longer need to hold onto: the jobs I hadn't gotten around to last summer, the blender I wanted to get so we could make smoothies (we have since purchased an all in one food processor and blender that makes great smoothies), the blog post I meant to write. In fact, when I checked today I was surprised to note that the last Missionheart blog was written before Winter, and owing to the fact it is now Spring, a whole season has passed without any action on my behalf to write another blog entry. Yet part of me was stuck there, in May, thinking I'll write another post soon.

Do you ever find yourself running as fast as you can, all the time, without a chance for anything to catch up to you. Perhaps you're going so fast for that very reason. Or perhaps you feel the need to do something, anything, all the time, because the world is a hurried and unsettled place, and all the injustices and wars and organisation that is needed will never get any better unless you fix it? If this isn't you, if you don't struggle with this, then don't let me cast that net onto you, but if it is then listen to Psalm 46. I say listen purposefully because if you're running then you can't read a Psalm (and if you just thought that you bet you could, then this article is definitely for you). Go on!

Why do we need to be still? Why do we need to know that God is God? We need to be still, because we have run so fast that we have left pieces of ourselves behind, and some of those pieces are God given gifts and abilities which He uses to benefit His plans. If you're trying to fix things it might be good to have all of your resources where you can find them. And we need to be still so that God can untangle us from the net. God being God is not dependant on us, whether we are still or not, but until we understand that it is God who stops wars, and God who mends broken things, we will feel the need to rush up again and start running.

God spoke to me last night about being still. I was listening to the radio and the preacher spoke words I knew and had practised, and they were specifically for me. Be still. Stop. Nothing else. Listen. So I've been trying, funny how hard it is to stop.

What has God been saying to you lately? Where have you left part of yourself? Will you let Him......?

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