Sunday, January 20, 2019

Your Testimony is Powerful

Jesus instructed his disciples to ‘be his witnesses’ to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8) and it is their testimony that grew the first churches. To provide testimony in this case is to give a public recount of a religious conversion or experience, to be a witness to the work of God in our lives. Imagine if the wonders that God was doing in the disciples lives and those they met remained a secret, were not shared with everyone they met. Would our church be here today?

Giving testimony of what God has done is a natural expression of praise and thankfulness to God for his work in our lives. It gives witness to others that God is real, alive and active today. While it encourages our fellow believers it also points others to Jesus. It is so exciting to share with each other what God has been up to during our week as we see answers to our prayers and situations and lives change.

I am always excited to get to the Gathering or hope group or any meeting with my brothers and sisters in Christ because I long to hear what God has been doing and to share what I have experienced. Our hope group has become a very special time of sharing testimony of answers to prayer, as we walk with God together some of the deepest desires of our hearts are beginning to be touched by Jesus. Sometimes we spend the whole evening just sharing our testimony and giving thanks to God.

You can sense God’s presence as we share and praise God through just giving witness to God’s power and presence in our lives. Sometimes we miss what God is doing though as we rush through our busy lives, we forget to stop and take notice. We must always have our Holy Spirit antennas on, tuning in to what God is doing and cooperating with His leading. But it doesn’t stop there, we have been blessed to be a blessing, what God has done for you is your testimony and is powerful for encouraging the believers, building up the church and bring others to faith.

So come prepared when we meet to tell us what God has been doing, we long to hear and celebrate with you. When God does something awesome the story is not over until you provide testimony of His work, so we can all be blessed and our faith increased. So let’s be prepared to give testimony of Gods work in our lives, what an exciting place to be when everyone has something to share, when we run out of time to share everything that God has been doing. Take notice today, Jesus is always at work, what from your day can you share with me to encourage my faith. Please tell me - I long to hear!

- Kelly

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