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Bec's Testimony

Bec is a member of the Mission Heart community. She has lived in Australia for the past 3 years, is married to Stew and has a very loved dog called George. She is actively involved with Soul Survivor and works as a dental hygienist and massage therapist. She has a huge heart for Jesus and loves to talk about him at every opportunity she gets. She is about to embark on the adventure of running women's fitness retreats 'shaping fit disciples for God'. she was asked by Jason to share her testimony with us and give us an insight into how her massage journey began. One full of God’s love, grace and faithfulness. 

Be:blessed started from a place of uncertainty, confusion and the feeling of being lost. 

I had moved to Australia from the UK and was beginning a new life chapter as a wife. I was working as a dental nurse while I was trying to obtain my Australian dental hygiene licence but due to visa restrictions after 6 months I had to leave and find another place of work. 

My husband Stew had recently been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma and was very sick. We had a huge battle on our hands, Stew physically and for us both emotionally and financially but we were certain with God's amazing Grace we were going to be ok whichever way that looked. We ensured our prayer life was healthy and counted every blessing giving thanks on a daily basis.

However I was jobless and unsure if I wanted to go back into dentistry. 

I felt ashamed and guilty, while my sick husband was out earning I was swanning around, trying to work out my own future. Stew being the loving, supportive husband he is never tried to rush me but encouraged me to take all the time I needed. So I did.

I turned to God. I climbed a mountain (well large hill) every day and prayed. Mount Taylor became my place of refuge. Sometimes they were prayers of thankfulness other times he got a good shouting at. I remember singing my heart out to him one day, standing on the bench, jumping around and singing his praises and another screaming at him, why God? What do you want from me ? Why won't you use me ? I'm right here come on!!! 

Thankfully God made me - so praising him one minute and screaming at him the next I feel is ok. 

He understands me through all my what seems like crazy and extreme emotions. And he still loves me just as I am. So I continued my prayers week in week out day by day. And although he may not have given me clear answers at the time, he started me on this unknown journey into massage ministry.

A job was advertised at a local gym as a massage therapist and it flashed across my radar. 

I mentioned it to Stew and said well I'm qualified maybe I should apply. Not thinking with little out of college experience I would ever get it.... BUT after 3 weeks of intense interviewing, testing and training I was offered the job and by then I wanted it !! So began my new carer. 

But I was so confused! God I don't want to be doing massage in a gym! That isn't ministry!? 

I wanted to talk to people about my best friend and share his amazing love with them. I wanted God to be my boss not an earthly man. So there I was still feeling lost and confused. 

I worked at the gym part time and used the rest of my time to volunteer at Canberra hospital and at Missionheart. This time taught me so much about Gods love, grace and charter and I felt God used this time to equip me and grow me in my ongoing journey with him. Looking back I feel it was at this point I found my calling to serve and strongly felt he had gifted me with a servant heart which I had to use. 

It wasn't long before I started speaking to my clients quietly about church and then after time, and building relationships was able to speak about Jesus and his love. I was able to pray for people, prayers for healing both physically and emotionally and catch up with them for coffees outside of the gym. Then it hit me, I wanted to do this all the time, I didn't want to hide my faith, I wanted God to be the centre of my massages, I wanted to build relationships with my clients and know them as people, caring for them on and off the table and be led by The Holy Spirit in all I do So Began Be:blessed Massage Therapy. 

I had never ran a business before and had no clue what I was doing but I thought I would take the risk - step out of the boat ! If I walk on water great - all I have to do is keep my eyes fixed on Jesus - if I sink I knew he would catch me. Matthew 14:27-31 NIV

I now have a strong and successful business that God’s hands have shaped and moulded. I use it to glorify God - always listening for his next commands and he uses it to speak to my clients and minister to them. All they have to do is listen and receive. I have many stories of clients feeling Jesus's presence some who have never known or felt him before, I also have stories of people coming to faith and healing physically and emotionally through the short time Be:blessed has been running. I now love what I do and look forward to the next chapter and journey and what God's plans are for my future.

- Bec

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