Sunday, January 20, 2019

Forgiveness or Forgiven-ness?

Dr. Grace (AKA Pete Ehsman) visited us at the Gathering last Sunday to help us explore the idea of forgiven-ness. With bible scans that revealed our sin-lesions that left us all in a terminal state, he directed us to our only hope – Jesus blood! It was fun to laugh but at the same time explore the deep reality that all too often we know about Jesus’ power to forgive but miss out on the privilege of experiencing genuine forgiven-ness and the ensuing intimacy with God that accompanies it.

Knowing that I know, that I know, that I am forgiven is such a powerful experience and a place from which we can be who God has called us to be and experience what he has designed for us to experience (fullness of life). This position of forgiven-ness places us out of the reach of Satan’s influence he loves to exert in accusation, torment and shame. The freedom from guilt, bitterness and the need to earn favour provides a space where we can enter more fully into who we were created to be and we become more available for God to use for his life giving kingdom purposes.

This forgiven-ness is the key to an intimate relationship with Jesus (impossible to have this without it). If you don’t know what this forgiven-ness is like then take your sin-lesion infested self (we are all in the same boat – all have sinned) to Jesus and ask him to take you to a place where you can truly say, “I am forgiven”. Sometimes we need to do this with other Christians so if you need help – find someone you trust who has a strong relationship with Jesus and has tasted forgiven-ness and pray with them – If they have known this they will not judge you, they will be excited for you to know the beauty of forgiven-ness. Jesus died for us that we may live the life of the forgiven…

- Jase

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