Sunday, January 20, 2019

Community Camp 2017

What does a toothbrush have to do with camp this year?

Was it one of the everyday objects used to create an incredible catapault that launched a tennis ball further than anyone expected?

No it wasn't, but that certainly was a camp highlight. 

Were toothbrushes given to junior leaders so they would be recognised by the children?

No, the junior leaders were recognised by their maturity and important role in caring for the children during session times. We are very thankful for their help. 

Were toothbrushes used as a way to creatively show our thankfulness to God?

No they weren't, we had playdough, tree leaves, rocks and music for that purpose which we used to mould, draw, write and sing. 

Did people use a toothbrush as a microphone when telling their testimonies?

No, these amazing stories of how God has brought people closer to Him didn't need any embellishment.

What does a toothbrush have to do with camp?

Everyone received a toothbrush as a daily reminder of the camp theme "a space to become". In particular to make time for God in our lives and see and get on board with what He is already doing. The toothbrush is to help us not forget to listen and look to God in everything.

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