Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Recent and Upcoming Adventures of the Missionhouse Action Team

The last few months have seen a flurry of activity for the Missionhouse Action Team. First off, let’s briefly recap what Missionhouse and its action team is. Missionhouse is a concept that has been years in the making and seeks to be a live-in residential ministry in which people who most need it can receive growth, healing, discipleship, love, compassion and purpose. Thus far, the ideas and plans for Missionhouse are steeped in prophetic words and visions. Missionhouse has over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars saved so far, with many of those dollars having very captivating and God-breathed stories behind them. The Missionhouse action team is a group of about thirteen people who are dedicated to seeing the hope of Missionhouse realised. They meet regularly to make plans, research, wait on God, pray, and figure out in which direction the next steps for the Missionhouse ministry are headed. In July, the action team went on a road trip around the surrounding areas of Canberra to look at different properties that may or may not be suitable for a Missionhouse ministry. It was a very useful experience that helped the team develop more of an idea about what aspects of a property are important to Missionhouse. There was also a tangible sense of excitement in the air as members of the team began to really feel the nearing fulfilment of Missionhouse.

Kelly has begun her research project on behalf of Missionhouse in order to explore and develop how to best create the intentional Missionhouse community in which discipleship is modelled throughout every aspect of life. The action team assist Kelly with her research by being part of the insider team. In addition to this, Kelly has several very knowledgeable experts in the field who are giving her guidance and assistance with her project. Kelly and some of the action team will be embarking on their first visit to some like-minded discipleship communities in November and we look forward to hearing all the wonderful things they will learn as they live with these communities for a few days.

‘Missionhousing’ is another very exciting thing that the action team has been undertaking in different contexts over the last few months. Rather than just sit around and wait for the Missionhouse project to be fully underway with a residential property, the Action team has been challenged to find opportunities to start living out the culture of Missionhouse in their existing lives. There have already been many inspiring stories of people in the Missionheart community opening their homes to those in need (and even some pets in need), sharing meals and hospitality, and caring for sick friends.

Planning is underway for a Missionhouse vision sharing evening in which there will be opportunities to learn more about the vision for Missionhouse, to celebrate all that has happened, and look forward to all that is around the corner. More details coming soon! It’s a busy and exciting time for the Missionhouse project, please be praying for all aspects of Missionhouse and for wisdom and guidance for the action team, especially those travelling to visit other communities in the coming months.


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