Sunday, January 20, 2019

Connect House

As a part of moving towards the realisation of Missionhouse, the Missionheart community has established our first Connect House. We began renting a granny flat in North Canberra that will house 1-2 participants at a time. This house, being a part of the Missionhouse ministry, will foster the culture and hopes thereof, and offers its residents support as they journey towards living life to the fullest becoming more of the people they were created to be.

Our first tenant is doing really well, we are already seeing the benefit of being in the Connect House and the support they are receiving. We hope to see another person benefiting from this venture soon. The movement from isolation towards greater experience of community is so very important to the success of all Missionhouse endeavours. A number of our team are regularly in and out of the house, James has been running a Boundaries course there for 8 people, people have come in to engaging bible studies and facilitate a Life Transformation Group, others to help with navigating NDIS, routines and keeping house, or just to spend time together. We are so grateful for our landlord Linh and his generosity and Kingdom partnership that makes this Connect House possible.

Don’t forget to register for the Missionhouse Vision Dinner March 22nd (register before March 12th) to discover more.  


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