Sunday, January 20, 2019

Small Moments

There is a girl who sits at the pedestrian crossing here in civic, asking for change and often looking like she hasn't slept for days. I've been trying to find a good time to talk with her, because the last time she hung around Missionheart, she wasn't doing very well. She borrowed a swag to sleep out, even though she has a flat. Like many of our people who disappear and then reappear, we don't forget them, and are often praying for them when God brings them to mind. I was glad to see her in civic again, but every time I walked past she was asleep or talking with someone else. I was stuck in the dissonance between wanting to reestablish the relationship, and not being able to find a natural moment to see if she even remembered me. I prayed that God would help me find the right time, and left it with Him.

A couple of weeks later I was making toasted sandwiches at Drop in. One of our usual volunteers was away that day, and another had not been able to get in until late. There was only myself and one other volunteer, and we had just enough time to prepare and open up. The day became busy and I spent 2 hours making sandwiches. We ran out of milk, so the volunteer offered to go get some more. I wasn't looking when he walked back in but when he exclaimed “look who I've brought in”, I noticed straight away the girl I’d been praying for. Without knowing my specific prayers, he had invited her and another man he encountered in the short trip to Coles to come have lunch with us. I was grateful that God had brought her in at a time when Drop in had almost finished and there was time to talk with her. She remembered me, and even asked how my kids are. While I made her sandwiches she wandered around and took some warm things and toiletries.

It is small moments like this that are my favourite Drop in times. Moments where God is in charge, when we can show love to someone, and where my team works together towards the same goal.

Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry through prayer, donations or by coming along and playing cards, sharing a meal and being Jesus to the people of the city.


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