Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gathering Survey Feedback

Thanks so much for sharing about how the Gathering touches you. Below is a summary of the responses from the survey we conducted a few months ago.

Over 80% of people responding came to the Gathering every week and over 85% of those said that Missionheart is their church. Another 85% said that they stay for the community lunch every time they come. 90% said they would invite friends to the Gathering.

40% of people choose to come to the Gathering based on a desire to know more about God and 25% like to be able to use their gifts to serve. People find the Gathering helpful because they can learn about Jesus (83%), can sing and worship (76%), hear God’s word (72%) and can use their gifts to serve (72%).

The things that people enjoyed most about the Gathering were; being challenged to know God better, a loving and real community, worship that is relaxed and informal with different styles, accessibility and realness, and many people enjoy the children and families.

The things people didn’t enjoy about the Gathering were; when the community is fragmented, diminished and not welcoming, difficult and intimidating behaviour, when there are 2 sermons or too many questions and answers, and when the Gathering lacked structure, engagement and enthusiasm in worship.

There were a lot of great memories of the Gathering, including; seeing people healed, hearing Jase speak from the heart, involving so many, letting God lead people even when they didn’t want to cooperate with God, storytelling and testimony, and hugs, joy, prayer and laughter.

The following changes to the Gathering were suggested; getting kids and teenagers more involved, welcoming and mixing with new people, format and structure changes, starting on time and prayer to prepare, more connection with the Holy Spirit in worship and more people on the bags roster.

There were lots of great ways the Gathering has impacted people including responses like; encourages me to keep seeking God, a sense of belonging and a place to be truly me, hope, freedom to be open and honest with God, to see young and old enjoy being together, learning to listen more to the Holy Spirit, and learning how to be loved and used to serve Jesus.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. The Leadership Community together with the Missionheart community will continue to work towards making the Gathering a place we can all call home and grow closer to Jesus and each other.

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