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missionhouse: a home where those who need support can come and live, immersing themselves in a healthy, loving community, helping them bridge the gap between where they are and who God has made them to be.


A community where those who are feeling lost and alone can come to live for a time and be refreshed, renewed and re-skilled to go back into the world, steadfast in living a life worthy of their calling.  Those who join us will be loved and have an opportunity to find healing and wholeness so that they can begin to live healthy lives, unshackled from past addiction, trauma, and brokenness.


our vision is for a home that:

• brings healing and hope to those struggling with homelessness, mental illness, addiction, despair, isolation or loneliness.• is built on an environment of positive accountability and genuine care.

• is supported by a loving, relational community.

• creates an environment that empowers people to overcome and succeed in life. 


 Our friends at Missionheart often long to make a fresh start, a new life for themselves. The transformation that they seek requires a moment by moment, day after day resolve to say no to what their minds and bodies are so programmed to turn to. The transformation they seek is difficult while surrounded by the same temptations, influences and damaging life style patterns.


 Missionhouse will provide an opportunity for our friends to break these damaging patterns of behavior, to provide a path to recovery that has been researched and modelled on Jesus centered communities. People will have the opportunity to find purpose, learn new skills and will be loved for who they are so that they may live life to the full through the power and love of God.


 Our hope is to establish a community of Christians who intentionally live together, whose mission is to welcome our broken friends. Missionhouse will create an environment where the lives of our friends can be transformed as they:

• experience prayer that brings inner renewal, 

• are immersed in a healthy community,

• establish healthy routines to reset rhythms, 

• learn practical skills that can lead to employment opportunities, 

• participate in teaching and worship that brings joy to their souls 

• are loved, known and believed in so they can learn to trust in God and themselves again.


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